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Community Flood Forum Treasurer

Cornwall Community Flood Forum (CCFF) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) open to everyone in Cornwall with an interest in flood risk – its causes, how to prepare and how to recover.

 The Cornwall Community Flood Forum work tirelessly to support communities, homes and businesses to become more resilient to the impacts of flooding. You can find out more on our website:

It is essential that we recruit a Treasurer to ensure compliance with financial and charitable regulations.  We anticipate this should not take more than 1 hour a week + attendance at regular meetings to update trustees. Some previous experience with charity/public sector funding and contracts is helpful as well as excellent numeracy and the ability to use Excel

The role would begin whenever the person is ready to start and there is no deadline by which you need to have made an application. To express an interest or to find out more information about the role, please contact Gitty Ankers, the Chair of CCFF, either by email at or by phone on 07768 278579.

What's involved?

Key Tasks

• To keep a record of the day-to-day income and expenditure

• To prepare financial updates for the Trustee Quarterly Board Meeting (Dashboard report)

• To advise and assist the Officer, Chair and Trustees on financial matters such as affordability

• To support the Officer and Chair with funding agreements and contracts

• To prepare quarterly invoices for the Environment Agency’s and Cornwall Council’s grant contributions

• To co-sign for expenditure • To monitor the CCFF bank account held at NatWest Annually

• To submit the annual return to the Charity Commission

• To assist the Forum’s external finance auditor to write the financial report section of the Annual Report

• To liaise with the Forum’s external finance auditor to provide the records required for verification of the accounts at the AGM. 

• To attend quarterly meetings either via TEAMS or in person

Why get involved?

The Forum is supported by Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency, South West Water and many other organisations but it was set up, and remains, as a community-led group, very much driven by those caring for their communities and its environment.

 The Cornwall Community Flood Forum work tirelessly to support communities, homes and businesses to become more resilient to the impacts of flooding and we do this by:

• raising awareness about current and future flood risk to communities, businesses and schools.

• helping communities in preparing for flooding and facilitating post flood recovery.

• leading community flood warden training for communities at risk in Cornwall.

• working with others to form partnerships and share experience and knowledge with others.

How to get involved?

Please contact Gitty Ankers on or 07768 278 579 for more information on how to get involved

Ideal Skills

  • Conservation
  • Money Handling

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Conservation
  • Behind the scenes

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